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16 Feb 2018 Prior Administration Board Decisions Still Matter

  There has been a great deal of discussion and internet content over the impact that a new and fully constituted NLRB could have on critical labor issues – and for good reason.   The Board in the last several years handed down multiple decisions on key issues that turned decades of precedent on its head.  It only makes sense that a more “pro-employer” trend due to the changes in administration would have companies excited at…


21 Jul 2017 NLRB Inches Closer to Having Full Panel

  For some time now, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been operating with only three members, which is two short of the full five-member panel, but on July 19 there was some progress made toward reaching a full complement.  As described in more detail in this blog here and here, long-time management labor attorney William Emanuel and veteran government legal advisor Marvin Kaplan have been nominated by the Trump administration.   In a…