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28 Nov 2017 Have Union Strikes Gone By the Wayside?

  Bloomberg BNA published an article on Nov. 27 examining the ever declining amount of union-sponsored strikes in America. According to the report, “The number of strikes held in 1990 was 793, and that dropped to 102 in 2015.” Various factors may be affecting this, including the ongoing decline in the number of American private sector union members (only 6.4 percent of all such workers belong to a union now) and the fact many workers…


10 May 2017 Judge Blocks Pilot Slowdown at Spirit Airlines

  Spirit Airlines secured a temporary restraining order on May 9 against the Air Lines Pilot Association (ALPA) that called for the pilots’ union to stop its alleged work slowdown against the carrier.   U.S. District Judge William P. Dimitrouleas issued the emergency order, saying that Spirit “will suffer immediate and irreparable damage in the form of damage to its business reputation and customer goodwill, increased costs for measures designed to avoid flight delays and…