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12 Feb 2018 Tweet This: Twitter Becoming More Prevalent In Union Organizing Efforts

  Unions are turning to social media more and more in an effort to expand their ranks. Twitter, in particular, is a platform big labor is utilizing in hopes of spurring interest among younger workers, according to a new report from Bloomberg BNA. Unions increasingly are using the platform to launch or help further unionization campaigns.   According to the report, “And unions need more young workers to fill their ranks if they’re going to…


09 Feb 2018 Slimming Down? NLRB Considering Slashing Headcount

  Even more significant change appears to be on the horizon at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). According to a new report by Bloomberg BNA, the agency is considering reducing significant headcount in anticipation of major cuts to the board’s operating budget. NLRB General Counsel Peter Robb told a group in New York on Feb 6. that “If we’re going to have a lower budget, it’s going to have to come in substantial part…


02 Feb 2018 UPDATE: How Will the Booming Economy, Corporate Tax Cuts, and Healthcare Uncertainty Affect Labor Negotiations in 2018?

  2018 is underway, and we now have our first preview of how the economy, corporate tax cuts, and healthcare may be affecting labor agreement negotiations this year – at least in terms of wage settlements. Bloomberg BNA released a report on findings from a survey of 46 recently ratified union contracts that summarizes data on agreed-to wage scales.   Based on the report, it’s a mixed bag thus far. According to a summary offered…


17 Jan 2018 How Will the Booming Economy, Corporate Tax Cuts, and Healthcare Uncertainty Affect Labor Negotiations in 2018?

  Bloomberg BNA recently published a report predicting that labor unions will be seeking to score more in wages and benefits in their 2018 collective bargaining agreements than in recent years. This is in light of the relative hot economy and significant corporate tax cuts going into effect. The fact that many non-union companies have publicly announced higher wages and bonuses for their employees based on the tax overhaul may encourage the unions to be…


28 Nov 2017 Have Union Strikes Gone By the Wayside?

  Bloomberg BNA published an article on Nov. 27 examining the ever declining amount of union-sponsored strikes in America. According to the report, “The number of strikes held in 1990 was 793, and that dropped to 102 in 2015.” Various factors may be affecting this, including the ongoing decline in the number of American private sector union members (only 6.4 percent of all such workers belong to a union now) and the fact many workers…


21 Nov 2017 DOL Head Slams NLRB’s Vague Test for Joint Employment

  According to a recent report by Bloomberg BNA, Department of Labor (DOL) Secretary Alexander Acosta expressed dissatisfaction for the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB) joint-employment test during remarks to the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers’ Convention. Specifically, while discussing his view of the DOL’s test for joint employment, he brought up and criticized the NLRB’s approach to the issue. He described the NLRB’s rule as being too vague and potentially infringing on the “freedom to…